Import from China and Asia safely and with benefits.

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How to build your build your business in China?

Shanghai Langya Trading Co., Ltd. handles imports of products from China, works with smaller designs and customized imports from China and Asia for those who have just entered the world of imported from China. We treat each customer as unique way and we try to make importing a unique process, in order to help how to import products from China.

We are in China to support your business

Working with several companies in the past 10 years bring us a lot of experience.

Purchase directly with a local team

Our local team can support your business and help you to have better price and a great support.

Safety is the most important thing in your business

You must be prepare and ready to have a safe contracts and relationship with your future suppliers.

Speak Mandarim?

In China suppliers have a basic understanding of English that is not enough. Some terms can be misunderstood, causing problems during production, order tracking and delivery. Improve clarity and results through visits and meetings on your missions to China.


Some product lines we work with

We have a step-by-step guide on how to import from china on our blog that will answer your questions about how to import from china step by step.

Small, medium and large machines;
Construction and decoration;
Textile and finished pieces for cloth industry ;
Female products and accessories;
Computer and cell phone and accessories;
Tools, molds and plastics;
Medical equipment and laboratory instruments;
Gifts and packaging;

Tax benefit on imports of products from China

Through years of experience in China, we are able to offer the benefit that most applies to your company.

  • Bank credit for imports
  • Door to door solution to import from China
  • Tax return benefit on VAT
  • Exemptions from IPI and II for some products (Brazil)
  • Exemption from ICMS on products from China (Brazil)


Want to start buying from China and Asia?

Sourcing - New Supplier
We visit and evaluate your supplier
Different factories in one import
We get the best price


How can I make my imports more efficient?

With Shanghai Langya, you and your company will be able to buy from China with full support for your purchases. Our entire commercial department is composed of people from Brazil and China to further streamline the communication process.
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